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Welcome Modern

Hi and welcome to my page.  I will update as I go along so keep checking to see whats new. 
Not quite sure whats going on this page yet but im sure you will forgive me while i get used to it.
Right this is the part where I have to introduce my self so here goes......
You will normally find me in the Pets and Animals room in yahoo chat along with all my friends.  I have a very strange sense of humor but i'm normally nice unless you annoy me then the red head part comes out and I tend to bite hard.
I love all animals (although horses bite so I stay clear of those) I own a chipmunk a cat and a rabbit and you will find these on my pet page.
Apart from that there is not much to say, I live in Spain with my family, I like fiddling with computers (still so much to learn) and I genrally like being completely mad.  So that about wraps it up about me.

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